It is our commitment to improve the quality and integrity of MINICAMS® near-real time sample collection and analysis activities for safety and process monitoring.  Following our guidance will ensure the validity of data and provide a reliable foundation on which to base decisions.  Our program uses inter-laboratory test results to determine group performance as well as the performance of individual program participants.  NRT Methodologies’ implementation plan in conjunction with your proficiency testing program provides participants with an objective means of assessing and determining the reliability of the data they produce.

als We provide a consistent framework for the generation of analytical data in support of MINICAMS® near-real time testing and safety air monitoring activities.

als We establish standard practices that permit inter-laboratory comparison of MINICAMS® near-real time process monitoring test data.

als We establish procedures for demonstrating that MINICAMS® near-real time analytical systems used for process monitoring are in control.

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