Selective Sampler

Increase the selectivity of MINICAMS® by adding an additional column via the Selective SamplerTM

Low Volume Sampler

The Low Volume Sampler (LVS) is a loop sampling system accessory designed to sample high concentration measurements and deliver a manageable fixed low volume sample to the Field MINICAMS®. Read more...

Stream Selector with Continuous Vacuum Option

- Each 3-way valve can have a steady vacuum to ensure that the sample lines do not stagnate or oversaturate
- A more representative sample is delivered to the MINICAMS®
- Improved reliability



Reduce On-Site Risk - Battelle AirAlert is an automated air monitoring system that can quickly warn staff of airborne chemicals in the field, on the plant floor, or wherever they may be deployed. Our easy-to-use, portable system can detect volatile sulfurcontaining and phosphorus-containing chemicals, such as VX and sarin nerve agents and sulfur mustard. In addition, a chlorine selective detector is available to monitor for chlorine-containing chemicals.

Optics Kit

Optics Kit Overview viewpdf

- New coupling between the detector block and MINICAMS® PMT
- A series of focusing lenses mounted inside a specially machined PMT coupling
- A concave mirror mounted on the back of the detector block
- To the analyst, operations of the modified MINICAMS® are completely transparent
- Determine proper PMT voltage set point for analyte concentration, typically lower
- The increased sensitivity will allow for fast cycle times

Sample Lines

- Electrostatic dissipation of entire sample line body
- Galvanically grounded gas interface ports
- Hermetically sealed body and electrical components
- Hermetically sealed gas interface ports (both ends)
- Only sample line authorized by CMA for use in munition storage igloos (explosive gas hazard)
- No other sample line manufacturer utilizes a built-in distal end pre-heater
- The Heavy Vapor Sample Line is an integral part of the 140 second method
- No other sample line manufacturer utilizes a built in distal end pre heater.
- The distal end pre-heater easily vaporizes more persistent compounds like triethylphosphate (TEP) and GF. The Heavy Vapor Sample Line also easily vaporizes and derivitizes Lewisite effectively.
- The extreme inertness and kinetic reactivity of the transport tube provides excellent compound transfer
- Distal end challenges at 100’ passed after only 70 second sample cycle
- Heavy Vapor sample lines are also offered in an innovative cold weather version capable of transferring heavy molecular weight compounds up to 200’ in temperature ≤ 32° F.

Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Development of an IMS Detector for MINICAMS® viewpdf

- Excellent sensitivity to a wide variety of compounds.
- Versatile detector capable of analyzing halogenated, phosphorous and sulfur compounds at the same time.
- Air and Hydrogen are not required. Only the MINICAMS® carrier gas needed for detector operations.
- Mounted directly to MINICAMS® to minimize instrument footprint.
- No modifications to the MINICAMS® electronics or software.
- Two forms of compound separation through the MINICAMS® column and the IMS drift tube


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