NRT Methodologies, Inc. is providing analytical consultation, execution, process troubleshooting and MINICAMS repair for a chemical weapons demilitarization program in Japan.

NRT Methodologies, Inc. has entered into an agreement with a contractor on Dugway Proving Ground to support the Vulcan Test Program.  The task order includes; develop cutting edge fast detection methods for MINICAMS and the Selective Sampler, implement analytical process improvement strategies, provide technical consultation and QA/QC review for all MINICAMS data. 


140 second total cycle time method for the MINICAMS® (70 sec. Sample 70 sec. Purge)

In conjunction with Cahaba Micro LLC the same method was developed for the Selective Sampler™


A wide variety of sample line options will soon be available to improve the transfer of higher molecular weight compounds.


als NRT Methodologies, Inc. was contracted to support Special Programs at Dugway Proving Ground.  The Vulcan and Distinct Raptor test programs required robust analytical methods, consistent data collection, innovation, and flawless test execution. NRT Methodologies, Inc. was the only company that could deliver these services on time and meet the rigorous requirements of Special Programs.  NRT Methodologies, Inc. delivered the installation protocol and the analytical methods required to produce exceptional data reports.

als NRT Methodologies, Inc. was contracted by Versar, Inc. to write a white paper for Bulk Chemical Agent Destruction/Elimination. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) had a requirement to obtain information on potential agent destruction /elimination technologies capable of rapidly eliminating (via incineration or neutralization) bulk quantities of chemical agents, in various forms. NRT Methodologies, Inc. met or exceeded these requirements and delivered the document on time.  Due to this performance Versar, Inc. intends to continue to use NRT methodologies, Inc. for future technical writing requirements and any other needs that fit our area of expertise.


Please call 435-830-1143 for customer contact information.

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