NRT Methodologies, Inc. has over 40 years’ combined experience in the field of analytical chemistry and electronics focused on MINICAMS® which includes; method development, troubleshooting and repair and test execution. Our consulting services focus on accuracy and objectivity. We provide customers professional scientific products such as research and development, troubleshooting and repair, laboratory and field testing support, data review and quality control.

NRT Methodologies, Inc. has a complete compliment of resources to meet the needs of our clients by providing all required OEM parts, the required skills and expertise to diagnose and repair MINICAMS® in order to meet program schedule demands.

  • Operating software, engineering upgrades, training, and certification
  • Development of innovative MINICAMS® sampling techniques methods
  • Equipment installation, validation and verification
  • Troubleshoot and repair the following products:
    • Battelle AirAlert™
    • Selective Sampler™
    • Stream Selector
    • Low Volume Sampler
  • Troubleshoot and repair sample collection and any analytical issues (GC Module)
  • Troubleshoot and repair the MINICAMS® electronics at the component level
  • Field and lab test support to include method development, validation and test execution
  • NRT Product application development
  • Data collection, reporting and QC audits
  • Instrument network setup and maintenance

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